Does Your Attic Report Card Make the Grade?

Minimum Insulation Standards Have Nearly Doubled in the Last 10 Years

Minimum Insulation Level

Minimum Insulation Level

  • Over 90% of homes are SIGNIFICANTLY under insulated.
  • If your home is more than 10 years old you likely have only a fraction of the insulation you need.
  • Are you sending money out the attic due to poor insulation?
Attic Temperature

Top 5 Signs Your Attic Is Poorly Insulated

  1. 1) Having trouble heating or cooling certain rooms in your house.
  2. 2) Furnace and air Conditioner on/ off too often
  3. 3) Energy bills just seem TOO HIGH!
  4. 4) Your home is over 10 years old
  5. 5) Difficult to keep a consistent temperature at home
Worried about your attic insulation and cost?
Attic Report Card Specialist will grade your home

A certified "Attic Report Card" specialist will come to your home and conduct a 12 point attic inspection grading your attic’s overall Energy Efficiency

Your Attic Will Be Graded in the Following Areas:

Warm Family with Attic Report Card
  • Current Level of Attic Insulation
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Attic Wall Insulation
  • Air Infiltration
  • Attic Cavities
  • Animal Infestation
  • Much More

Your Report Card Also Includes:

3 Options to Improve Your Attic’s Grade to the B+, A, or A+ Level

Energy Rebate Report with complete information about valuable local and federal energy rebates.

The installation professionals at Attic Report Card can correct your attic's problems
in a timely and professional manner and YOU can start to SAVE.